Rodrigo Zan, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is widely recognized for his unique storytelling abilities. Since an early age his passion for music, poetry, nature, and mystery has been ever-present. This innate need for discovery has fueled decades of travel, taking him all over the globe. Rodrigo has spent time living in Australia and Indonesia, and traveling all over South America by car, giving him perspective and invaluable experience learning from other cultures. He's has spent years honing his craft, earning degrees in Multimedia, Fine Arts, and Art in Advertising from the reputable PUC-SP, Panamericana School of Arts, and the New York Film Academy. Now based in Los Angeles, he continues to create work as a cinematic reflection of life. Many have described his rare style as raw yet riveting.

He also opened his first company digital marketing agency Neotix  at 21 years of age, without any investment, just a dream in mind.

Worked with clients as Brookfield, Maxhaus, Trisul, Odebretch, Megacolor, Movida, Techware Technology, Infrabits, Claro, Tim, Accenture, Souza Cruz.

Co-produced and produced projects for major agencies such as Gringo, Livead, Talent, McCann-Erickson.

Participated directly in over 400 projects in digital marketing and manufacturing experience and awards. 

Developed the First Digital Library in Brazil Neoreader, launched in 2007 for the market and recognized for be one of the most innovate projects in 2008. 

You can find his narrative short films, “Moments”, “Blue Bird”, and “Jimbo”, along with his first documentary short, "Seeking the Joy", debuting in festivals around the world. "Blue Bird" has already taken home several wins, including best experimental short film at the Taste Awards, best experimental short film at Indie Fest Film, and best experimental short film at the Sunset Film Festival.

"Moments" was named the best short narrative film at Brooklyn Film Festival, alongside "Blue Bird".

Jimbo was selected in more than thirty five festivals around the world, like Orlando Film Festival, Palms Springs International Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, DeadCenter Film Festival, Brooklin Film Festival, Madri International Film Festival, Catalina Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, won five awards, and it’s officially qualify for the Oscars in 2018. 

He just release he latest music video with the Swedish singer Alezzandra premiered at Noisey. 

He is currently working in his debut feature film.